Public Relations

News WebsitesPublic relations strategy and writing from the perspective of a Silicon Valley business and technology journalist. Lead worldwide communications teams for Apple, HP and Palm.

“Mary is simply the best technology PR person it has been my privilege to have known and learnt from. She has an uncanny ability to get to the crux of the technology issue and communicate intelligibly and sensibly to her audience. In addition, she showed uncommon sensitivity to the needs of her worldwide HP team, always willingness to listen and thus modify her message to the global audience; a most uncommon trait those days!”

– Anindya Chatterjee, founder, Anwesha Customer Relations Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Wrote and edited hundreds of news releases, case studies, white papers, sales presentations, speeches, newsletters and videos.

Directed communications as a vice president/senior director for Go Campus and Rezolve Group, privately-held technology companies that serve the higher education market.

Taught media interviewing skills and/or wrote news releases, presentations, and websites for Emerald Bio, Sanmina-SCI, Plastic Logic, Nexidia, CrowdFlower, Rational Software/IBM, Nightfire (now NeuStar), Silicon Valley Network, Acqis, Women In Consulting, Maatiam, Other World Media, and others.

Coached Silicon Valley public relations professionals to develop better writing and strategy skills for Eastwick Communications and Krause-Taylor Associates. Wrote major new client bid responses for Hill & Knowlton, Inc. and Fleishman Hillard, Inc.

“Mary A. C. is a highly intelligent and energetic manager who is always willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done well. At Apple she was willing to go to bat for me when I needed support and I learned so much about the media side of public relations when I worked for her. She’s a fantastic editor and writer and very open in her communication style–which is crucial to today’s fast-moving business world.”

– Sandra Maresca, founder, Maresca Enterprises

“Anyone would be lucky to have Mary as a manager. Her communication with her staff is exemplary, and she has a collaborative spirit that encourages her employees to have ideas of their own, be creative and invest in their projects. Mary is fearless and gets the job done no matter what it takes. She is not a micro-manager. She exhibits confidence in her staff, and maintains an open door policy. I enjoyed working with her very much.”

– Kathleen Dixon, Dixon Communications

Samples of Media Coverage Obtained for Recent Clients:

Emerald-Bio-BGEmerald Bio / Boston Globe 3-25-2013

Space Station to Aid Bedford Firm’s Drug Research

GenEngNewsEmerald BioGenetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 3-14-2013

Growing Proteins, 240 Miles Above Earth

FAFSA-CBSStudent Financial Aid Services, Inc. / CBS MoneyWatch 1-3-2013

6 Ways to Get Help with the FAFSA

Online-CollegesStudent Financial Aid Services, Inc. Online Colleges 1-4-2013

Starting College This Year? Be the First to Get Federal Money 

CSTStudent Financial Aid Services, Inc.Chicago Sun Times 2-17-11

Always Worth a Try to Apply for Financial Aid

NYT-Aid-FormStudent Financial Aid Services, Inc.New York Times 2-21-2009 (Sunday front page)

The Big Test Before College? The Financial Aid Form

NYT-CalculatorStudent Aid Services, Inc. / New York Times 4-15-2012

When the Calculator Says 1 + 1 = 4

WaPo-CalculatingStudent Aid Services, Inc. / Washington Post 3-17-2010

Calculating the Net Price of College / Fox TV (national) 9-22-2009

Web Site Helps Calculate College Cost / Venture Beat – 9-22-2009 Offers Deep Reports to Figure Out College Costs and Student Aid Ahead of Time / ABC Channel 7/KGO San Francisco, CA – 11-18-2009

Get the Best Deals for College Financial Aid

Samples of News Releases and Other Stories Written for Recent Clients:

Emerald-Bio-NanoracksEmerald Bio / 4-5-2013

Emerald Bio and Nanoracks Test Space’s Microgravity as a New Lab for Drug Discovery

Prepare-FAFSAs-EarlyStudent Financial Aid Services, Inc. / 1-21-2013

States Urge Students to Prepare FAFSAs Early to Claim Limited Financial Aid Dollars / 9-22-2009

College Affordability Crisis Deepens Families Seek New Ways to Find the Best College Deal

Enrollment-Management-Sleeping-Giant-NPC---CoverStudent Aid Services, Inc. The Journal of College Admission / spring 2011

Enrollment Management: The Sleeping Giant – The Net Price Calculator

Net-Price-Calculators-CoverStudent Aid Services, Inc. The Student Aid Transcript / November 2010

Net Price Calculators: Finding the Right Fit

McDaniel College CoverStudent Aid Services, Inc. / McDaniel College Net Price Calculator Case Study 2013

Custom Net Price Calculator Shows Value and Affordability

Indiana State U CoverStudent Aid Services, Inc. / Indiana State University Personal Enrollment Prospectus Case Study 2013

Indiana State University Honors Program Personal Student Prospectus

“Mary is a creative and highly connected PR person. She helped us tremendously in building our presence in education at Apple!”

– Katie Povejsil, vice president of marketing, PresenceLearning