Here’s a sample of the news stories I wrote for the San Jose Mercury News (many of which were distributed by wire services and published in many newspapers across the U.S.A., and translated into other languages for news operations around the world.)

Huntsville Times 09-21-1986
Computer sales predicted to rise; price wars loom

Aberdeen Daily News 09-17-1986
Apple Computer could help Christmas sales

San Antonio Light 07-17-1986
Cheaper energy should fuel good inflation news

Daily Advocate 05-27-1986
ComputerLand tries to rescue ailing stores

Aberdeen Daily News 02-23-1986
Mailers will enjoy stampless mail service some day in future

Oregonian 12-31-1985
Lack of software limits computer use in college classroom

Huntsville Times 12-29-1985
Colleges wishing for inexpensive large computers

Oregonian 12-28-1985
Holiday sales of computers only ho-hum

Huntsville Times 12-15-1985
Apple set to introduce the ‘Mac Plus’

Daily Advocate 11-17-1985
Firms find BYOB runs rings around usual phone rates

Huntsville Times 11-24-1985
Trying to find life after bankruptcy

Arkansas Gazette 11-06-1985
IBM takes step toward wired world

Arkansas Gazette 09-29-1985
Jobs calls Apple suit ‘big misunderstanding’

Huntsville Times 01-13-1985
Computer shakeout made ’84 rollercoaster year

Las Vegas Review Journal Journal 12-30-1984
Software entrepreneur planning private game

Las Vegas Review Journal 09-30-1984
Computer brokering is a tricky balancing act

Seattle Daily Times 07-15-1984
‘Crabapple’ resists computer hard-sell

Las Vegas Review JournalJournal 05-20-1984
Software inventor develops program for lonely singles

Las Vegas Review Journal 12-25-1983
Banks franchising products, services to sidetrack giants

Oregonian 09-11-1983
Financial war dispatches popular Newsletter leaves Ruff Times in move to Survival

Seattle Daily Times 08-04-1983
Investing in children

The Pittsburgh Press 08-03-1983
Planning investments for kids isn’t child’s play

Las Vegas Review Journal 07-18-1983
Brokers use computers to track stock market