News Reporting

News on MobileMulti-platform journalist, very experienced in daily deadline video/audio and text-based stories for print and online.

Experienced video/audio trainer for reporters and photographers.

My forte is accurate, hard-hitting business stories. I have decades of experience covering an enormous variety of technologies and the people behind them.

Daily news experience includes IDG’s (includes CIO, Mac World, PC World, IT World), Florida Today, Technology & Media, the San Jose Mercury News, WGBH-TV, Silicon Valley INK, and the Worcester Telegram. My freelance stories have aired or have been published by National Public Radio, the Student Aid Transcript, The Journal of College Admission, Campus Technology, Syllabus, and Making Waves (AWRT).

“Going beyond presumed boundaries is one of Mary’s trademarks, and she can pull this off because of her intellect and doggedness. One of her most memorable stories in my time at the San Jose Mercury News was a business feature on how AIDS had affected the gay bathhouses in the Bay Area. It was an extremely daring topic at the time, but the quality of her reporting led to a fascinating story with no trace of sensationalism.”

– John Kirkpatrick, former business editor, San Jose Mercury News

Editing Story on LaptopNews Story Portfolio News 8-20-2008 buys InStranet for US$31.5M 7-31-2008

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U.S. Open Internet Access Hotly Debated before FCC  4-14-2008

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Like It or Not, Ads Now Follow You

IDG Digital Arts 3-6-2008

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Handheld Devices:  Toward a More Mobile Campus

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Venture Capitalists Avoiding AIDS Research

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Apple Set to Unveil Improved Computer 7-6-1986

U.S. Business Urges Civil Disobedience against South Africa

The San Jose Mercury News 9-18-1985

Jobs Submits His Resignation as Apple Chairman

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