“ability to deliver a complex message”

“Mary has an uncanny ability to deliver a complex message concretely. Whether Mary was producing written documents or videos, she always impressed me with her energy, level of organization, passion for new ideas, and ability to deliver a high-quality product within budget and on time. Because of their clarity of presentation, Mary’s (Apple) videos were used broadly to shape FCC bandwidth policies, as well as to change classroom teachers’ concepts of what science education could become. It is not an overstatement to say that Mary’s videos (Wireless Coyote and Cloudforest Classroom) set the vision for wireless capabilities common in computers today.”

– Wayne Grant, Ph.D., director user experience, World Ahead Education, Intel Corporation (former Apple Classrooms Of Tomorrow (ACOT) senior scientist)

prize winning documentary filmmaker:

“fantastic asset for any organization”

“If you’re looking for someone that is creative, results-driven and an all-round great team player, then Mary Fallon fits the bill precisely. In our work together at Apple, Mary always brought new insights and viewpoints to every discussion. She has an uncanny ability to connect with and lead people. I am sure she would be a fantastic asset for any organization she chooses to work with.”

– Emilo Robles, director, Howorth Communications (Australia)

“most memorable stories”

“Going beyond presumed boundaries is one of Mary’s trademarks, and she can pull this off because of her intellect and doggedness. One of her most memorable stories in my time at the San Jose Mercury News was a business feature on how AIDS had affected the gay bathhouses in the Bay Area. It was an extremely daring topic at the time, but the quality of her reporting led to a fascinating story with no trace of sensationalism.”

– John Kirkpatrick, former business editor, San Jose Mercury News

extensive expertise:


  • Managing Online News Operations
  • Multimedia Production
  • News Reporting and Editing
  • Training Journalists Videography and Editing
  • Website Development


  • Writing and Editing Websites, Presentations and News Releases
  • Video and Audio Production
  • Strategy and Message Development
  • Leading a Worldwide Team
  • Training Executives How to be Interviewed
  • Training PR Teams How to Write
  • Innovative Ideas to Attract Media Attention

“commitment to public interest”

“Mary has long pursued social justice and public interest in her journalism. Early in her career, she broke a national story on the financial difficulties of the largest New England savings and loan. She also revealed that a dozen American companies were secretly breaking the U.S. policy and violating South African (apartheid) law by setting up housing for black employees in white neighborhoods. And long before corporate malfeasance became the issue it is today, Mary pursued a well-known Silicon Valley company (Daisy Systems) whose executives were hyping the company publicly but who were privately bailing out, lying to employees, and falsely booking orders.  None of this happens without passion and commitment.”

– Christopher H. Schmitt, J.D., senior analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office (former San Jose Mercury News business reporter)